This started as a simple Instagram photo challenge and soon grew to over 55,000 posts.  #yogismakebetterlovers was created to show people a link between your yoga practice and your love life. The aim of this photo challenge was to show how a yoga pose could benefit us sexually.

Yoga is a practice of mindfulness. It is a practice of being fully aware in the present moment. Yoga teaches us to slow down, to open up and to FEEL. You learn to stop thinking and start listening to your body. As you practice listening to your body, you discover what your body needs and desires. With a more dialed in sense of the moment, you become more tuned in to the needs and desires of others. Yoga allows you to be more confident in your own skin as you begin to appreciate the beauty of your body and the amazing things it can do.

Here is a list of 20 poses that will help your body and mind transform into a sex god or goddess. 

(Please keep in mind that these poses come from a heterosexual female perspective.)

downward facing dog

Downward Facing Dog

Perhaps the most quintessential yoga pose, downward facing dog, or adho mukha svanasana, is taught in beginner yoga classes and returned to again and again by the most advanced yoga practitioners. The benefits of downdog are endless; it lengthens the spine, stretches the legs, and tones the shoulders, just to name a few. It’s also very relaxing. You can almost feel anxiety slipping off your back when you do this pose. And like yoga instructor Kate Hanley says “You’ve got your butt high in the air, which is about as ‘come hither’ as it gets."




This pose is a complete heart opener. Love, energy and breath all come from the heart chakra. This pose will increase circulation into the lower back and abdomen, two vital areas used during intercourse.  This pose is especially beneficial for men, because it stimulates the male sexual energy centers and can help with erectile dysfunction. 


boat pose


Navasana, or boat pose, is one of those all body asanas. It tones and strengthens the entire body, most specifically the abdominal muscles, which helps boost confidence. It’s hard not to feel sexy with a flat and toned tummy. It also adds vigor and agility to your core. A strong core is key to proper alignment and good body mechanics, but is especially important in sexual positions.



Headstand w/ bound angle legs

Inversions are like spring-cleaning for your body. They produce a new direction of blood flow, which helps re-energize the body, improves memory, and clears the brain of clutter. Clearing the mind is such an important and all too often forgotten about aspect of sex. Adding the "butterfly" or bound angle legs in an inversion will help heat up the groin area and gently open the up the hips. It will also strengthen the uterus, which helps with fertility. 


prasarita padotanasana

Wide Leg Forward Fold

“This pose is good for low libido,” says yoga instructor Kate Hanley. By improving blood flow to the pelvic area, arousal is increased. Better below the belt circulation means a higher sex drive. And the position couldn’t be better for some good lovin’.


shoulder stand

Shoulder Stand

The lower half of the body suffers from slower circulation because the blood has to travel uphill to return to the heart. This pose will increase blood flow, which will increase sexual desire. It also relieves fatigue and calms the mind, which are so important for time with your partner. (Try this one in the bedroom. Get those legs up on his shoulder and let him support you.)




Plow Pose is excellent for improving your entire sexual system. Blood flows to the brain and wakes you up in this pose. Here, you are “looking straight at your hips and connecting to that area visually, which can be a powerful aphrodisiac,” says yoga instructor Ellen Barret.


cat cow


This asana improves low libido by increasing oxygen to the reproductive organs. The rounding and arching of the back loosens the spine and vertebrae, allowing for some of those trickier sexual positions to happen with greater ease. As you curl from cat to cow and back, you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Relationship expert Emily Morse says "Kegel exercises are so crucial for women to have good pelvic floor health." Keeping those pelvic floor muscles strong can decrease the chances of urinary incontinence and can heighten sensations during sex.




The wrapping of your legs creates a tourniquet effect, and once the legs are released, it permits blood to rush through your cervix, which makes you ready for more action. In addition, any balancing posture will sharpen your focus, allowing you to be more present in the heat of the moment.


child's pose

Child's Pose

When this pose is performed with wide legs, you allow the upper body to sink and become more vulnerable. When your true nature is exposed you become more aware of what your needs are and can share what those are.


crescent lunge

Crescent Pose

Crescent pose is great for men and for women to help create a wider range of motion in the hip area. This pose will strengthen the legs and the pelvic floor and help you maintain stamina and flexibility. Crescent warms the groin, abdomen, and thighs allowing the lower body to be flexible. It also opens up the front of the body and the heart, letting the love shine out.


lizard pose

Lizard Pose

This pose opens the pelvis, while also loosening the hamstrings. We hold stress and negative emotions in our pelvis, so it's extra important to do poses that create an opening and allow movement in that area.


puppy pose

Puppy Pose

A cross between down dog and child's pose, this pose lengthens the spine and calms the mind. In puppy, we deeply stretch the shoulders and spine, strengthen the upper arms, upper back and hips, and relieve stress by releasing tension held in our neck and shoulders. This pose, while it calms the mind, will also invigorate the body, which is a perfect combination for love making.




Inversions boost blood flow, which invigorate your reproductive organs. They also help with brain function, so of course the better the brain is functioning the better your performance. Spending sometime with your legs above your heart will help with low libido because it improves blood flow to the pelvis, increasing sexual energies.


camel pose


This asana is not only beautiful, but it's also very beneficial on so many levels. Camel stretches the groin and the hip flexors while opening the chest, creating a full body blaze. Keep your throat and jaw relaxed to prepare for anything you may like to do with your mouth. In addition to all the above, you expose your collarbone which I think is one of the sexist parts on any woman.



Reclined Hero

This pose heats up the groin area and opens the hips. It also promotes healthy functioning of the reproductive organs. “Plus, it teaches you how to get comfortable with being vulnerable, which true, mind-blowing intimacy requires,” says yoga instructor Kate Hanley.


king pigeon

King Pigeon

Like so many of these poses, Pigeon pose is a hip opener. Hip openers allow you to release stress that has built up in your lower half. If your lower body is relaxed and open you can welcome visitors with ease. Pigeon will increase the range of motion in the hip socket, lengthen the hip flexors and open the heart.




Simply put, Bridge pose is like putting it all out on a platter. The hips are lifted and are beautifully out on display. This asana strengthens your pelvis and thighs, tightens your core, opens your chest and relaxes your neck. It does it all while looking amazing. Plus it tones and strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, improving orgasms.




This pose has many benefits; it strengthens the arms and wrists, legs, buttocks, abdomen, and spine. It increases energy and counteracts depression and is even therapeutic for infertility. It stretches the chest and lungs, opening the heart and opening you up to love. Heart openers are intended to cure any broken hearts from our past, while allowing ourselves new opportunity for love.




Any variation of a backbend will light some type of fire. Back bends are stimulating, releasing a burst of energy. Bow Pose warms the groin area, while strengthening the thighs and hip flexors. The rotation of your shoulders allows the upper body to open and relax. This asana makes you feel so open, and in return you are open to explore sexually.